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Water Filters & Softeners

PWP are also experts in removing chemicals and unwanted components from water, by supplying customers with high quality Water Purifiers, Softeners & Filtration Systems to suit their needs. We provide the right system to our customers at an affordable price. Call us today on (046) 901 7188 to discuss

Water Treatment Services

Here at PWP we have a wide range of water treatment systems such as:

• Home Water Purification Systems
• Commercial Water Purification Systems
• Well Chlorination
• Well Sterilisation
• Drinking Water Filters
• Osmosis Water Purification Systems
• Reverse Osmosis Purification Systems
• Water Softeners
• Iron and Manganese Aeration Filters
• pH Correction Filters
• UV Sterilizing Lamps
• Brown Water Filter Removers
• Lime Scale Removal
• Bacterial Removal
• Nitrate Reduction

We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction as we deliver the best solution you require. We can design a system to suit your specific requirements, as water can differ from area to area.

If you need more information on what your specific needs may be call us for expert advice. We will be glad to help. We can also advise and carry out maintenance and repair to ensure your system is running well year round.

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